DATCP Recommends Updating Devices to Protect Against Hackers

Taking preventative measures against hackers is becoming an
even more common – and important step for any device that may have access to
the internet. Department of Ag, Trade, and Consumer Protection Director
Michelle Reinen says whether it’s a computer, cellphone, gaming system, or
high-tech refrigerator – you need to keep it protected.

Reinen recommends to “make sure
your operating system is up to date. If you have an iPhone, they send you
signals of when you need to get the new operating system – and then you keep
your apps up to date as well, because they are constantly fixing patches and

Reinen adds to “be sure your router – you’re resetting that to make sure you’re bridging any patches from hackers that way. But others require something more regularly than the national reminder that might be out there. So this is a time to create that plan that you can really stand behind and support.”

She also says all of the security in the world won’t help if you’re the one dishing out your information to scammers – so it’s important to pay attention to where
you’re putting that information while online. 

Reinen points out that “those
imposters that we talk about by phone all the time certainly are present online
– whether it be by email or text or fake website – and now that we’ll be coming
into the holiday season being really conscious of that. But also if people are
wanting to respond to some of these natural disasters that are going on, being
cautious of any fake charity websites that are set up on social media. Be sure
that if you want to give, you’re giving to the proper site.”