DATCP Secretary Designee Talks Road Funding

Governor Evers’ budget proposal is now in the hands of the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee as lawmakers continue to work on the state’s spending plan. One of the big topics of discussion has been the state’s transportation system and where funding for road projects will come from. Brad Pfaff, secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection says its important to understand what transportation means to our state. “I think there’s broad recognition the need for a strong transportation system in our state, to connect consumers to markets and to be able to connect people from all points of this state,” Pfaff said. “Let’s recognize what we all can agree upon, and that is the fact that we need to have a good transportation system and the fact that we do have a variety of different governments – town, county and state – that are involved when it comes to making sure we provide those services,” he added.

Governor Evers’ budget includes raising the gas tax by eight cents a gallon, which would be partially offset by a proposal to repeal the state’s minimum markup law. That minimum markup law prevents companies from undercutting each other – by prohibiting selling items for below cost. Pfaff says things are different now since when that law was passed. “Our economy has evolved, there’s various different petroleum marketers, that are now in, selling gasoline and fuel services in this state.” Pfaff says its important to get the conversation started about having a strong transportation system in the state and how that is going to be paid for. “The people in this state are having the conversation that we want to make sure that we have a strong intermodal highway system in place –  now let’s discuss how we’re going to pay for that.”