DATCP Tips for Renters as Move-In Day Approaches for College Students

Move-in day is fast approaching for college students
around the area as a new school year is set to begin. Whether it’s your child’s
first time in a dorm, or they’re moving into their first apartment, state
consumer protection officials say there are some simple things to do to make
move-in day go a bit easier. Michelle Reinen, Director of the state Consumer
Protection Bureau explains a check-in sheet is important for apartment renters
to document the property and its condition. “They have seven days to do this
when they first receive access to the rental,” Reinen said. “You want to document
any pre-existing conditions, because that helps protect the security deposit at
move-out time.” She went on to say that “you don’t want to be responsible for
damages before you even more in.” Reinen adds that the renter should also be
sure they know how to report problems with the house or apartment to management
– and to take pictures at the beginning and end of a tenancy to use as proof of
the condition of a property.

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