DATCP Warns of Booking Scams Targeting Travelers

The snow in the forecast today and cold temperatures may
have you thinking of escaping to someplace warm, and while you might not be
taking that trip today, it may be coming up this spring or summer and state consumer
protection officials want you to be aware of booking scams that have been targeting
travelers. State Consumer Protection Director Michelle Reinen says one big
thing to watch out for is redirection. She warns “don’t click on pop-ups that
appear, be careful of fraudulent websites and use resources that you know and
trust.” She says to be sure to type in the website yourself and to not follow
links to avoid clicking on one that may lead to a fraudulent site.

If you plan on using a new travel booking website to plan
your trip over one you’re used to, Reinen says its important to “understand how
they are established, look for complaints and know how you can be in contact
with them.” With those new or unfamiliar websites, she encourages paying by
credit card to get better protections should something happen with your money,
and to “follow confirmation numbers all the way through to the location that
your going, not just the reservation through the intermediary company. Be sure
you contact that hotel and confirm you have a room there.” She says.

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