DATCP Warns of Fake Social Security Administration Calls

We move into the second full week of 2019 with another
warning about scammers posing as a government agency looking to take personal
information. Michelle Reinen, director of the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade
and Consumer Protection says these scammers are posing as workers with the
Social Security Administration “calling consumers advising them that they are
in risk of having their social security number suspended because of suspicious
activity, or even that the number was involved in a crime.” She says that DATCP’s
main goal is to make people aware that these people are scammers and not really
with the administration. Reinen adds that in extreme circumstances the administration
may suspend a social security number – but says that action is something you
will be involved in and it will never be an out of the blue phone call.

She says the scammers will often ask you to confirm part of
your social security number and may also tell you your bank account is going to
be seized and that you need to protect your money by putting it on gift cards. They
then ask you to read the gift card codes over the phone to them – and your
money is gone. Reinen stresses that your number is not about to be suspended
and that your bank account is not about to be seized. She says if you’re
worried about what the caller is saying, to first hang up, and then call the
Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to speak to someone at the
real organization. DATCP also advises to not give out any part of your social
security number to anyone who contacts you.