DATCP Warns of Scammers Posing as Local Sheriff’s Offices

are keeping up their efforts in pretending to be sheriff’s deputies and
demanding money from unexpecting consumers. Wisconsin Department of Trade and Consumer
Protection Director Michelle Reinen tells us the callers threaten to arrest you
for an outstanding warrant, even if you don’t actually have one.
“They’re going to come with
the handcuffs and haul you away if you don’t take care of it right away, and
that’s not the way our judicial system works in any fashion. Yes, some
individuals do have warrants for arrest – but the sheriff doesn’t call asking
for payment by money card or asking for credit card information over the phone
in order to clear that warrant” Reinen says. 
common scam claims to be from the Social Security Administration, asking for
people to validate personal information. Reinen reminds consumers to never give
out personal information over the phone.