DATCP, WI Elections Commission Making Voters Aware of Election-Related Scams

The November election is now just three weeks away, and as election day draws closer, Michelle Reinen with the Wisconsin Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection tells KFIZ News that there are a number of election-related scams people need to watch out for.

Reinen says if there is a particular candidate or candidates you want to make a donation to, it’s important to be weary of unsolicited phone calls asking you for money.

“Only make donations through the platforms that you know and trust – and that could be through the campaign’s official website – and avoid sending donations through another person or over the phone,” Reinen said. “That’s because you just don’t know exactly where its going if you’re using that alternative source.”

Reinen says scammers can easily “spoof” phone numbers for political candidates or campaign offices, so it’s important to make sure you are sure the person you’re talking to is really with the campaign.

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