Day 11 Was A Very Slow Day For Sturgeon Spearing

It was a very slow day on the system today for Day 11 of the 2020 Sturgeon Season. 17 lake sturgeon harvested, 13 of those from Lake Winnebago and 4 from the Upriver Lakes.  Totals so far include 296 fish from Lake Winnebago and 270 fish from the Upriver Lakes. A breakdown of today’s registration numbers by station can be viewed through the following link:

Day 11 Harvest Report.pdf

The largest fish of the day was the lone adult female that was harvested from the Upriver Lakes. That fish was 105.6 pounds, 69.0 inches and registered at Critter’s by Kevin Shady. The largest fish registered on Lake Winnebago today was also 69.0 inches. Mark Livingstone registered his 69 inch sturgeon (91.4 pounds) at Payne’s Point.