Day 13 Of The Sturgeon Season

DNR Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs writes:

There were 31 sturgeon harvested from Lake Winnebago today, bringing the season total to 574 fish this season (871 fish harvested on the system).  None of the fish harvested were larger than 100 pounds.  The biggest fish of the day was 80.9 pounds, 65.5” and registered at Calumet Harbor by James Guelig of Mt. Calvary.  Richard Halfmann (Kewaskum) and Charles Bindrich (Kewaskum) had a successful day as they each speared fish out of the same hole within a two hour period.  Both fish were females with Richard’s fish being 54.8 pounds, 64.5” and Charles’s fish being 54.2 pounds, 63.7”.