Day 14 Produces 50 Sturgeon On Winnebago System

There were 50 lake sturgeon harvested on Friday, with thirty six from Lake Winnebago and 14 from the Upriver Lakes. The registration stations on the east shore of Lake Winnebago continue to see the highest registration volume as 30 of the 36 fish were registered at either Jim and Linda’s or Stockbridge Harbor. 

The 14 fish harvested from the Upriver Lakes today is quite the uptick after yesterday’s harvest of just one fish.  A breakdown of today’s harvest is available through the following link:

Day 14 Harvest Report.pdf

The largest fish registered Friday was 109.0 pounds, 75.5 inches and registered at Payne’s Point by Eric Nygaard. Eric’s fish was the only sturgeon registered today that was over 100 pounds.  The largest fish registered on the Upriver Lakes Friday was 84.6 pounds, 69.6 inches and registered at Critter’s by Michael Paull. 

The 5 registration stations open today on Lake Winnebago include Waverly Beach, Stockbridge Harbor, Jim and Linda’s, Wendt’s, and Payne’s Point. There will be 2 stations open Upriver. Indian Point and Critter’s, for the final weekend of the 2020 sturgeon spearing season.  Be safe. Be smart. Good Luck.