Day Six Sturgeon Report

DNR Sturgeon Biologist Ryan Koenigs writes:

Day 6 of the 2017 sturgeon spearing season included the harvest of 44 fish (28 from Lake Winnebago and 16 from the Upriver Lakes). Stockbridge Harbor remained the busiest station with 11 fish registered, followed by Cal Harbor (6), Payne’s Point (4) and Wendt’s (4).  Registration numbers picked up at Boom Bay today with 8 fish registered there.  An additional 6 fish were registered at Critters and 2 at Indian Point on the Upriver Lakes.   


The biggest fish harvested today was registered at Quinney by Alexis Kruger of Chilton. She can be seen here with her 125.33 pound, 75.5 inch fish.  There were two other fish larger than 100 pounds registered today, one at Calumet Harbor and the other at Boom Bay.