Dead Fish Wash Up in Lakeside Park

After Tuesday night’s storm rolled through the area, Lakeside Park seemed to be flooded with dead fish. There have been recent concerns of a fish kill in that area, and the exact cause is still unclear. During a walk through the park this morning, we found hundreds of fish floating through the channels or washed up on the shore. Bob Steinbarth says he’s never seen anything like it – and other local fishermen are also demanding answers. 

Steinbarth says“I’m 68 years old and I’ve been fishing here since I was a kid. It’s a lot different than what it’s ever been. The DNR should look into it, because we don’t know if the fish we catch are edible or not. A lot of the old timers out here are wondering if it’s causing disease to any other fish.”

The smell is also a bit of concern in the park as the temperatures begin to rise. 

Officials tell us Tuesday’s oil sheen on the water is not likely related to the pileup of fish. Assistant Chief of Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue Erick Gerritson says “whatever that issue is, I’m sure the DNR is working on that. But they were there well before this oil sheen was ever noticed.” 

We are working to obtain comments from the DNR and Fond du Lac Parks and Pools Department about the fish kill and the impact it may be having on Lakeside Park and Lake Winnebago.