Decision To Not Sign Proclamation Was Hypocritical, Says Chairman

The proclamation to name January as “pro-life month” in the city of Fond du Lac at this week’s City Council meeting was never read and did not get signed by City Council President Brian Kolstad. Kolstad said his main reason for not recognizing the proclamation was that he felt it was too political in nature. The Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County said that move is hypocritical. “If the City Council is going allow more liberal proclamations to be approved, then they have to be fair and offer conservatives one to come forward too.”

Rohn Bishop tells KFIZ Council had no issues proclaiming and approving Pride Month in the city back at their June 2020 meeting. “It goes back to June when the City Council had a proclamation declaring it Pride Month. That was a bit partisan and it was controversial; it did pass and it wasn’t unanimous, but it was one of those things that caused people to turn out to a meeting. Bishop said city council needs to invest their time where it matters most “We find these proclamations and resolutions to mostly be a waste of time and that city councils and county boards ought to just focus on their local constituents and the issues they’re charged with. Bishop also said he doesn’t think the issue is going away anytime soon.