Demo Work Continues At Saputo Cheese Location

Demolition work continues at the former Saputo Cheese location at the corner of N. Main St. and E. Scott St. in Fond du Lac.

Saputo elected to close the facility back in the summer of 2018, and the City of Fond du Lac purchased the property a few months later.

City Manager Joe Moore tells KFIZ News the purchase was designed to keep the property from becoming a blight on the city, and the city partnered with a company to take the lead on selling the dairy equipment inside to get it ready for the demolition.

Moore said “once the work is done and the location is totally cleared, grass will be planted. Ideally that work will be done sometime next year.”

Moore also told KFIZ News that “conversations in 2020 and also 2021 about park development incorporated that property into the mix but we didn’t.”

He did say the city is pursuing development opportunities north of Johnson St. which include the Saputo location, and “that a study is in the pipeline to find out what’s possible.”