Demolition Of Holy Nativity Convent In 2018 FDL CIP Budget

The City of Fond du Lac is budgeting money in 2018 to tear down the fire-gutted Holy Nativity Convent. Community Development Director Dyann Benson reviewed the historic structure’s history for the City Council this week. The Convent had a devastating fire in June of 2015. A raze or repair order was issued in September of that year and that December the owner had some roof repairs done and had the windows boarded up. Benson says the owner has until next April to do the necessary repairs. If that doesn’t happen the City will need to raze the structure, which could cost around $225,000. Usually it doesn’t cost that much to raze a building. The City can normally demolish a building for about $10,000 or less. Due to size of the cost the money will be into the City’s Capital Improvements Project budget. Benson says neighbors are concerned about the impact on the neighborhood, the community, blight and nuisance. The 40-room convent at 101 East Division Street was built in 1874.