Design Plans Presented for New Lakeside Park Pavilion

The City of Fond du Lac Park Board presented the
preliminary design for the new Lakeside Park Pavilion at a public information
meeting Monday night. Fond du Lac Park & Forestry Superintendent John
Redmond says the plan was well-received at the meeting and tells us the current
plan is to begin construction next year. “The new pavilion would be in a
similar footprint to where the existing one is, and the plan at this point
would be to remove the existing pavilion in the middle of August of 2020, then
it would be constructed in the fall, throughout the winter and be available by
Walleye Weekend of 2021,” Redmond said.

The idea to make changes to the pavilion came out of the
Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee – which recommended several improvements to
the park, including improving the current pavilion or building a new structure.
The City Council voted in 2016 to remove the existing pavilion and replace it
with a new one in a similar location. “The actual footprint of the new pavilion
is being proposed to be slid over to the east a little bit, so part of the
building would be in the existing parking lot,” Redmond said. “It would be
closer to the channel and it would be a little bit more elongated – so the
rooms you would have inside would have a real nice view of the lake,” he added.
Redmond says the current pavilion can seat about 160 people. With the new
design, the capacity would expand to around 200.

Listen to Redmond’s talk with Bob Hoffmaster on KFIZ from Tuesday morning.