Destination Lake Winnebago Region President talks Lakeside Park Pavilion Project

The Fond du Lac City Council voted last week to put a hold
on design work and planning for the Lakeside Park Pavilion project until
February 15th.

The current design plans carry a price tag of $3.2 million
dollars, with the new structure to be built on a similar footprint to where the
existing pavilion stands. Council members say the “pause” in planning and design
allows for any alternative plans or new ideas for the pavilion project to be
brought forward for review.

Craig Molitor, President of Destination Lake Winnebago Region,
tells us he was in support of a pause in the planning work, and that it’s
important for all options to be considered before moving forward. “We’ve agreed
that a tap of the breaks should happen, and we have this three-month window of opportunity,”
Molitor said. “Now, the folks have to come together and say ‘yeah, here are the
ideas’, and hopefully some private-sector money will be in play, too.”

If any new ideas or plans for the pavilion project are not
presented or approved by the council before February 15th, the
project would resume under the current design plans. The Council voted 5-2 at
their meeting last Wednesday to put a hold on the plans.