DFP/City Of FDL Recognized, Krikau Named DFP Volunteer Of The Year

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership (DFP) & the City of Fond du Lac were recognized for their outstanding downtown revitalization efforts at the 30th Wisconsin Main Street Awards ceremony held virtually on Wednesday, April 21st.

The DFP & the City of Fond du Lac were given Honorable Mention for The Best COVID Response at the event, which was hosted by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). The awards
ceremony recognized the efforts by Wisconsin Main Street volunteers and staff for their historic preservation and downtown economic development efforts of communities in Wisconsin in 2020.

The DFP in partnership with the City of Fond du Lac and WisNet completed several COVID related projects in 2020. A” Pay It Forward” Donation campaign was created early on. 100% of monies donated to the online fund went towards support of first responders, or whatever the donor chase to support. Approximately $1,000 was raised.

A social media gift card giveaway was created early on. $1,000 worth of various business gift certificates were given out in weekly social media contests. The DFP covered the cost of business signs, supplies and sandwich board signs what were needed to support their business modifications due to COVID. Masks, hand sanitizer, sandwich boards, health posters and crisis plans continue to be available at no charge to downtown businesses. In all $30,000 was given in various forms.

The DFP worked with the City of Fond du lac to provide spaces for restaurant curbside pickup. Restaurants are allowed one space, with signs and parking cones provided. A business COVID Grant was established to support business operations. In all 24 businesses received grants totaling $75,000. The DFP supported numerous downtown businesses in writing recommendation letters for various
grants and loans. For the We’re All In Phase One Grants – 65 letters were written.

The DFP also provided support in assisting businesses in writing grants whenever possible. The DFP supported the We’re All In initiative by hosting a public relations event with WEDC CEO Missy
Hughes. Several local officials presented, and site visits with our local recipients were conducted. The DFP partnered with Fond du Lac’s Wisnet to create www.fdl.order-out.com to highlight all the local
Fond du Lac restaurants to assist with online ordering. After the success of this website, Wisnet partnered with WEDC to create www.MainStreetWI.com.

The DFP offered a COVID Marketing grant to assist businesses with the challenges presented by not having professional photography, social media savvy or online ordering. 12 businesses received grants
totaling $5,000. The DFP partnered with the City of Fond du Lac and Envision Greater Fond du Lac to offer $10,000 forgivable loans to area restaurants.

“WEDC congratulates the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership & the City of Fond du Lac for its outstanding efforts to revitalize and improve downtown,” said Missy Hughes, secretary and CEO of
WEDC. “A vibrant downtown is critical to a community’s overall economic development as well as the quality of life for its residents, and we commend The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership & the City of Fond du Lac for being among the best in the state when it comes to strengthening its downtown.”

Wisconsin Main Street also honored Dusty Krikau as the Volunteer of the Year in Fond du Lac. As a former member of the DFP staff, Dusty Krikau has continued to be a valued asset to the organization.
She continues to be an administrator of the various DFP social media accounts. She has remained an active volunteer, and through her knowledge of the ‘lease attractive’ volunteer jobs needed at special
events, she willingly volunteers to serve in those capacities (i.e., clean up crew). Dusty has a remarkable memory and is always willing to assist.

Wisconsin Main Street is a community development program administered by WEDC that targets Wisconsin’s historic commercial districts. WEDC provides technical support and training to the 35 Main Street communities to help them revitalize their business districts based on guidelines developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Since the program’s inception in 1987, Wisconsin Main Street community projects have resulted in the
creation of more than 2,800 new businesses and more than 15,000 net new jobs. In addition, more than $2.1 billion in public and private investment has occurred in Wisconsin Main Street communities.
During fiscal year 2020, despite suffering one of the most dramatic economic declines in recent history,

Wisconsin Main Street communities were responsible for the creation of an estimated 245 net new jobs and 71 net new businesses in the state. More than 30,000 volunteer hours were dedicated to improving
the quality of life in communities around the state. The DFP has been part of the Wisconsin Main Street Program since 2004.
For a complete list of all the 2020 Main Street award winners, visit www.InWisconsin.com