DFP Releases 2016 Market Study And Plan

The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership has released its 2016 Market Study and Plan. DFP Executive Director Amy Hansen says it has been a few years since they’ve done a market analysis. She says 450 individuals responded to their surveys and from that they gleaned 40 to 50 ideas. The top eleven ideas are gone into more detail at the end of 67 page report. She says they were selected because they require the most capital investment, planning, but also could be the highest impact projects. She says restaurants are still a top priority with people who participated in the surveys. She says people would also like to see more specialty shopping, retail outlets and places where they could do things with their kids. She says as part of their analysis they visited about a half dozen other Wisconsin cities to see what they were offering. You can see the market study and plan at the DFP website.