Discussion on Possible Staff Additions for FDL Police, Fire a Big Topic in 2020

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore says the discussion
will continue in the new year about how to expand staffing for the city Police
and Fire Departments.

Moore says as the city continues to grow, so do calls for
service for police officers, firefighters and EMT’s, and its important to look
at how to keep serving the residents of the city efficiently. “In 2020, we need
to talk about whether or not it’s time to increase the size of those
departments – and the reason we need to have a big conversation is because that’s
not free,” Moore said. “We have to figure out if we’re going to do that, then
to what extent, and how do you pay for it.”

Moore tells us no new positions have been added to the
departments since prior to the year 2000. City leaders have discussed the possibility
of putting a referendum question on the November ballot for the public to vote
on exceeding revenue caps to fund the new positions.