Diversity Statement

The Fond du Lac County Board could be approached this summer about adopting a statement supporting diversity. A group of business, government, and educational leaders recently took out ads in the Fond du Lac Reporter and Ripon Commonwealth urging support. Fond du Lac Public Library Board President Mel Kolstad says she was approached about supporting the statement and signed the petition, which now has over 250 signatures. She hopes they get 1,000 signatures before asking the County Board to pass a resolution. She says as long as people talk about it in a respective manner and have good discourse it is possible to get people to change their minds about things. County Executive Al Buechel says it is all about attracting a talented workforce. He says the board tackled something similar in 2007 and 2008, but the economy ran into problems and the issue didn’t get resolved. He says it would be a plus for the community. He believes there will be a lot of conversation about it and it is good for the community to talk about how they feel about it. County Board member Brian Kolstad also supports the statement. He says the younger generation has a choice of where they want to live and work and Fond du Lac has to be a welcoming community or risk losing its working population. Ripon College has an online site where people can pledge their support for the effort.