DNR Releases Results of Survey on Electronics Recycling in Wisconsin

Results of a 2018 survey by the Wisconsin DNR on electronics recycling found many residents are still unsure how to properly recycle their old electronics. The survey found Wisconsin households have an estimated 26.3 million devices in them, 9.3 million of which were not in use. That includes about 22 percent of TV’s, 30 percent of computers and 50 percent of cellphones. The DNR found people who had a device they no longer used said they most commonly put it in storage instead of recycling it. Respondents said the most common reason why they didn’t recycle a device, is not knowing where or how to do so, and also cited cost as a key barrier to recycling some electronics. The DNR says they will “continue to look for ways to work with communities, share recycling information and support responsible recycling.” Read more about the survey here.