Dodge Co. Man Sentenced to Prison for Repeated Threats Toward Law Enforcement Officers

A 41-year-old Beaver Dam man has been sentenced to prison
following repeated threats toward law enforcement officers.

Dale Lengling was sentenced Tuesday in Dodge County Court
to 18 months in prison followed by an additional 36 months of supervision. The
sentence comes after Lengling pled guilty in September to two counts of Battery
or Threat to Law Enforcement and Bail Jumping.

Reports say officers were called to a home in Beaver Dam
on May 11th for a fight between two men – one being Lengling. After
leaving the scene, officers were called back to the home for a report of loud
yelling coming from the same place. Lengling was arrested, and while in the
back of a squad car, started bashing his head on the divider and caused a
laceration to his forehead. After being taken to the hospital, Lengling made
multiple threats toward officers, including threats to shoot him and a threat
to “drop kick” them in the face.

Police were called again to Lengling’s home on June 6th
while he was out on bond for the May incident. Lengling again was drunk and
yelling at his neighbors and was taken into custody. He reportedly told the
officer he would “get his Milwaukee friends up here” to hurt them, and later
made another threat to injure the officer while being taken to Jail.