Dodge County Arms Dealer Sentenced Again

A Dodge
illegal arms
dealer will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.  58-year old Kirk Bintzler is being sentenced
to an additional twelve years in prison – which is a maximum sentence. He was
convicted on two counts of Possession of an Automatic Weapon – with ten counts
of Possession of a Firearm by a Felon read in. 

A search warrant turned up 25
guns and a large quantity of weapons from his Reeseville home. Officials say
Bintzler obtained some of the guns through straw purchases at gun shows – and
then sold weapons, including several to Clyman strip club owner Mike Siegall. 

Bintzler has been convicted of firearms charges on both the state and federal
levels – and was previously sentenced to a combined 46 years in prison. 

judge calls him a career criminal that has taken advantage of people through
his part in human trafficking and illegal drugs – along with the illegal sales
of firearms. The judge also agreed with prosecutors that the weapons served no
good purpose and that Bintzler had very few redeeming qualities.