Dodge County Authorities Keeping A Close Eye On Outlaw Motorcycle Club

Authorities in Dodge County are keeping an eye on a motorcycle club that has popped up in Lomira. The Outlaws have started a clubhouse at an old feed mill. Sheriff’s deputies and Lomira Police have been watching the clubhouse the last two weekends. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says the Outlaws usually start their presence in a community by doing charitable works, but then things take a turn for the worse. He says, “A lot of things like weapons and violence comes into those areas. Drug sales to individuals, they are heavily involved in the drug trade and other things like human trafficking and other criminal activity.” It’s been pointed out to Schmidt that they may be profiling the club, but Schmidt feels they are just paying attention to an organization with a history of criminal activity. He says, “So this is a criminal organization that has been criminal for a very long time and people are very concerned about them. We need to make sure that they know we are watching.” Schmidt says there wasn’t a lot of activity around the clubhouse this weekend, but that could change as the weather improves.