Dodge County CART Team Looks For Missing Children

Twice last week the Dodge County Sheriff’s Child Abduction Response (CART) Team was pressed into action. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says fortunately the children were found. He says, “They have been trained in what to do in those situations how to locate children quickly. We actually had two deployments of it last week for missing children and both children were found while the team was actually en route.” Schmidt put the team together a couple of years ago. He says time is critical when it comes to missing or endangered children. Schmidt says, “In those child abduction cases time is of the essence and you don’t want to sit around and wait for a team to get together to respond and start looking for those kids. You need to have that team ready to go with an idea of how they are going to react and we have that here in Dodge County.” Schmidt points out they are still tweaking the CART team to make it better every day. The team is available for any agency in the County to use.