Dodge County Law Of The Month Obstructed Drivers Vision

With winter fast approaching, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind drivers to make sure their windshields are free of snow and frost.  Many of us have seen vehicles being driven with a small hole cleared on their windshields.  This is illegal and very dangerous for obvious reasons. 

Obstructed driver’s vision carries a fine of $175.30 and two points.  Second offense within 1 year is $213.10 and another two points.

State statute 346.88 (3)(b) states:  No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon a highway with any object so placed or suspended in or upon the vehicle so as to obstruct the driver’s clear view through the front windshield.

Captain Trace Frost of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office asks all motorists to take the extra time to clean their windshield thoroughly to make sure they have the visibility needed to drive safely.  Frost added, “By spending a little extra time clearing your windows will give you the visibility to safely get to your destination”.