Dodge County Man Sentenced to Prison for Spitting On, Threatening Police Officer

A 34-year-old man from Beaver Dam was sentenced to prison
after making threats to a police officer while being placed under arrest. Judge
Brian Pfitzinger sentenced Michael Nelson on Thursday to four years in prison
and seven years of extended supervision, in addition to the 13 months he had
been in custody awaiting trial and sentencing for multiple charges.

In July of 2018, Nelson was on bond for a previous matter
when he violated his bond conditions by assaulting his fiancée, whom he was not
allowed to have contact with. When Beaver Dam Police placed him under arrest,
Nelson became belligerent, spit in the officer’s face and made several threats
to the officer, including stating that all of the officers were “going to get
shot up.” Nelson was found guilty in May on charges of Battery to a Law
Enforcement Officer and Discharging Bodily Fluid at a Public Safety Worker,
along with two misdemeanors.

District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said “threats like those made
by the Defendant cause Police Officers concern for their safety and the safety
of their families, and that is why we seek to punish those who threaten police
officers sternly.”