Dodge County Sheriff, County Board Supervisor At Odds

An increase in employee compensation appears to be the main cause of a disagreement between Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt and County Board Supervisor Dan Siegmann.

The two are at odds over the proposed 1.25% raise that was initially approved in the 2022 budget.

A number of department heads as well as Sheriff Schmidt had voiced concerns over the raise, saying it was not enough to cover the raise in inflation.

The budget was adopted, but then amended by the board to include a 68 cents an hour raise on top of the 1.25% increase already approved.

Siegmann said the board was not responsible for the raise, and thought Schmidt should have spoken up regarding his lack of approval prior to the board adopting the budget.

Schmidt questioned Siegmann as to why the supervisor appeared to be washing his hands of the situation and passing the responsibility on to others.