Dodge County Sheriff Law Of the Month Display Of License Plates

A simple law that some people don’t know is the requirement to have two license plates on their vehicle if registered in Wisconsin.  Deputies often stop vehicles with only one license plate and when the driver is spoken to, they say they didn’t know they needed both plates displayed. 

Failure to or improper display of license plate carries a fine of $150.10 and 0 demerit points.  Often a citation is not issued but instead the driver is issued a written warning.

Wisconsin State Statute 341.15 states:



341.15(1)Whenever 2 registration plates are issued for a vehicle, one plate shall be attached to the front and one to the rear of the vehicle. 

The statute continues to state:  Registration plates shall be attached firmly and rigidly in a horizontal position and conspicuous place. The plates shall at all times be maintained in a legible condition and shall be so displayed that they can be readily and distinctly seen and read. Any peace officer may require the operator of any vehicle on which plates are not properly displayed to display such plates as required by this section.

The registration year sticker is always placed on the rear plate. 

Capt. Trace Frost of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind all vehicle owners that if they receive two license plates, both must be properly displayed on their vehicle.