Dodge County Sheriff Objects To SNL Heroin Skit

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says while he appreciates the satiric nature of Saturday Night Live he did not appreciate a couple of skits on the show this past weekend. They had to do with the availability of heroin and prescription drugs. In particular he objects to a video supposedly promoting Heroin AM “For people who want to do heroin, but also want to be productive.” Schmidt says there’s a heroin epidemic and promoting its use is not funny. He says he’s heard from families who lost loved ones to the drug who saw the skit. He says one of them said they saw the skit and began crying during it. Schmidt wrote a letter to NBC officials hoping they will be more sensitive to the problem. He also hopes NBC will use some of their resources to create a public service announcement about the problems heroin use causes. 

SNL Heroin AM You Tube video.