Dodge County Sheriff Pleased With New Records Management System

Dodge County’s Sheriff is pleased with their new records management system. The County and 17 local law enforcement agencies within it switched over to the Spillman Technologies system on December 11th. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they rely on it in their squad cars, for 9-1-1 calls, in the jail, for their detectives, and record keepers. He says, “It is the most important system in the County, in my opinion, because it has everything to do with emergency services. The old system didn’t work the way it was supposed to and put people’s lives at risk.” He points out the old system, New World, tended to crash at the most inconvenient times. Some bugs are being worked out with the new system, but he’s pleased with it. He says, “But overall the stability is really good it is working very well. The big thing is being able to work with other agencies and share information, something we’ve never been able to really do efficiently.” Schmidt says they were able to get $60,000 back from New World for some of the difficulties they experienced with the system.