Dodge County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Injured In Pursuit


Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a Sheriff’s Lieutenant dragged by a fleeing vehicle is doing well, but a little sore. He says the Lieutenant was engaged in a conversation with 22-year-old Matthew Ellcey after a traffic stop on Highway 49 when Ellcey slowly slipped his vehicle into gear. He says the lieutenant tried to reach in the car to get it out of gear or turn the vehicle off, but didn’t have enough time. Schmidt says it was an unusual incident. He says generally drivers are more cooperative, but fortunately everyone was okay and the bad guy went to jail. Ellcey was caught in Waupun after crashing his vehicle and taking off on foot. Schmidt says his officer suffered minor injuries to a hand and foot. He was treated at Waupun Memorial Hospital and released.

A Dodge County Sheriff’s Lieutenant sustained minor injuries after being dragged during a pursuit of a suspect Tuesday night.. Authorities say 22 year old Matthew Ellcey of Waupun fled a traffic stop on State Highway 49 near Shamrock Road, dragging the Lieutenant for a short distance as he left the scene. The pursuit of Ellcey continued into the City of Waupun, where he lost control of his vehicle and crashed at the intersection of east Main Street and south Watertown Street. Ellcey ran from the scene, but was later arrested at a home in Waupun. Ellcey was booked into the Dodge County Detention Facility and faces charges of Knowingly Fleeing an Officer and Obstructing an Officer Causing Injury. Other charges may be requested as the investigation continues. The Lieutenant that was injured was treated at Waupun Memorial Hospital and released.