Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Warning People of Phone Scam

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a
recent scam where someone makes phone calls, claiming to be a ranking official
with the Sheriff’s Office and is looking for payments to settle warrants.

According to a news release, the scammer provides a fake
phone number to the potential victim, which they then answer – claiming to be the
Sheriff’s Office. Police say the scammers may also have an answering machine
set up.

Officials said the scammer claims the resident has a
warrant and attempts to scare the person into making payments to make the
warrant go away. Another version of the scam involves threats over a person
missing a jury duty assignment.

The Sheriff’s Office says it doe not call residents and ask
them to pay for warrants over the phone. If someone does need to pay a warrant,
people can come and pay it in person at the Clerk of Courts Office or at the
Dodge County Jail.