Dodge Sheriff Asks Brownsville Residents To Keep Eye On Sex Offenders

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says it wasn’t until they started doing their due diligence for a sex offender notification meeting in Brownsville that they realized how close two sex offenders would be living to two pre-teenage girls. In fact the home in Brownsville 29-year-old Jonathan Miller and 57-year-old Robert Larson were placed in is only a couple hundred feet from a residence where twin 11-year-old girls live. He notified State Senator Scott Fitzgerald and State Representative Mark Born who urged the State’s Department of Health Services to reconsider the placement. The plea was also made to the state Attorney General’s Office, but placement went ahead anyway. Schmidt says during the community notification meeting in Brownsville last Wednesday he asked community members to keep an eye out on the residence where the two high-risk sex offenders will be residing. The two sex offenders will be on GPS monitoring and will be supervised. Photos courtesy of Aileen Andrews.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt.