Dogs In Parks Recommendation Going To FDL City Council

Fond du Lac’s Advisory Park Board voted unanimously Monday night to recommend amending a city ordinance to allow dogs in every city park. That recommendation will go to the City Council. There were no major complaints during the past year when the City tried out allowing dogs in certain parks. Police records saw no increase in calls, but City parks crews did receive a few complaints about dogs by the Petting Zoo in Lakeside Park. Board and City Council member Catherine Block says there would be some conditions including not allowing dogs within 100 feet the Petting Zoo and childrens’ play areas in Lakeside Park. There would be additional signage to make those exceptions clear. Dogs would have to be on leashes six feet in length or less and those holding festivals and events in parks would have the right to indicate on their permit whether they would allow dogs at those events. Additional waste receptacles would also be provided in smaller parks.