Dogs In Parks

The Fond du Lac City Council will be considering whether to amend a city ordinance to allow dogs in all city parks. Under a one-year trial the ban on dogs in parks was lifted in nine city parks and for one trail. City staff is recommending continuing to allow dogs in the parks where they were permitted the past year. The Advisory Park Board would like to see dogs allowed in all the parks with some conditions for Lakeside Park. But City Councilwoman Lee Ann Lorrigan would like to see them kept out of Buttermilk Creek Park. Council President Karyn Merkel proposed allowing them in all parks except Buttermilk Park. City Manager Joe Moore told the Council he will come back to them in a couple of weeks with two drafts for the ordinance; one allowing dogs in all parks and one allowing them in all parks, but Buttermilk. Merkel is encouraging residents to contact City Council members to let them know how they feel about the proposals.