Doing Laundry Properly Is Critical To Eliminate Coronavirus

Over the past week or so, I’ve found myself taking off my shoes in the garage. And leaving the clothes from the day in the laundry room. Is that overkill? Am I taking things too far? 

According to health experts, the coronavirus is able to hang around on many surfaces, including clothing, for as long as three days. And despite my expert laundry opinion, we are being told that washing them ISN’T enough. You also need to place them in the dryer and allow the high heat to kill the virus. And to do it properly, those clothes need to be on high heat for almost 30 minutes. So line-drying like my Mom loves, right now, is not an option. 

It’s also important to make sure you get all the soap out of the clothing, as the virus is able to attach itself to any additional soap that is not rinsed out, allowing the virus to stay alive. One other note to remember. It’s a good idea that, if you’re taking your clothes to a laundromat, that you don’t put clean clothes back in the bag you brought the clothes in. It’s best to destroy the bag that held the dirty clothes. 

With all the home-schooling going on right now, you might want to think about adding a short class on laundry basics as well.