Don’t Swerve to Avoid Deer

The Department of Transportation is warning drivers to keep an eye out for deer this fall. Crashes involving deer usually peak as we go through October and November – as bucks search for mates around this time of year. 

The most dangerous times of the day are dusk and dawn – and officials remind people to watch out for more than one to cross your path. Drivers are asked to buckle up and slow down, but if you do see a deer – don’t swerve to avoid it, because that could cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Drivers should slow down and blow your horn to scare the deer off.

 If you hit a deer, it’s recommended to get your vehicle off the road as safely as possible and describe your exact location to emergency responders. Staying in the vehicle is generally the safest option – and officials say you should not try to move an injured deer.