Dornbrook Will Serve As Campbellsport Officer In Charge During Police Dept Transition

Brandon-Fairwater Police Chief Tom Dornbrook will be doing double duty soon also serving as the Officer in Charge for the Campbellsport Police Department. He and fellow Brandon-Fairwater Officer Troy Damsteegt were recently sworn in as temporary officers while the Campbellsport Police Department goes through a transition. Their Chief Jay Zautner resigned after 18 years with the department and Sergeant Jen Vodak is leaving for a bigger department in a couple of weeks. Dornbrook says he knows how important a police department is to a small community. He says he contacted the Campbellsport Village Board and offered his services. He says he did this once before when the staff of the Oakfield Police Department resigned in January of 2000. He says it worked then and should work now. The Campbellsport Village Board will be interviewing five candidates Thursday for a part-time police chief’s job. That chief would work with full-time officers. Dornbrook takes over as Officer in Charge for Campbellsport on June 4th.