Downtown FDL Fest Of Ale Tonight

Thirteen businesses will be participating in the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership’s Fest of Ale event this evening. It will run from 4 to 8 p.m. Dusty Krikau says there will be both traditional beers and hops free drinks available. She says, “So you can get tickets for drinks that are traditionally hoppy, so beers, ales, porters, stouts, that sort of thing will be on the menu as well as tickets for folks who are preferring their beverages hops free.” A ticket buys you a flight of 10 samples in a souvenir tasting glass, each served at a different location downtown. Krikau says, “So each location on the festival, basically you’re buying a flight of beer or flight of malternatives and you get to go and get each one of your beverages at a different spot downtown.” She says there will be three pedicabs available all night if you need a ride to one of the locations in the Fest of Ale.  More information about the Fest of Ale is available on the DFP website.