Driver Of Vehicle That Struck Ambulance, Killed Passenger In Car, Appears In Court

The accident early on the morning of September 15 of 2020 took the life of a 21-year old passenger in a car being driven by 28-year old David G. Worley of Theresa.

Worley was behind the wheel when the vehicle he was driving crashed into a City of Fond du Lac ambulance at the intersection of Johnson and Main. Worley was in court on Monday in front of Judge Robert Wirtz, facing three counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. At the time of the crash Worley had a BAC of .213, nearly three times the legal limit. Worley has been under house arrest, and required to wear a GPS monitor which also includes alcohol monitoring. He’s only allowed to leave the house for medical appointments.   

The accident took the life of 21-year old Jonathan K Bruemmer of Fond du Lac, who was a passenger in the vehicle that Worley was driving.