Drivers Disregarding Closure Of Hwy 26 Southbound

The Highway Safety Coordinator for Fond du Lac County says people just don’t seem to be getting the message that Highway 26 is closed between Highway 151 and the north county line. Sheriff’s Captain Rick Olig says the problem isn’t northbound traffic, but southbound traffic coming off I-41. He says they can travel up to the County line, but are supposed to take the detour on County C to County N and County N to I-41. But says people who rely on GPS monitoring are going down the closed road. He says in the first 60 days of the closure they stopped over 650 cars.  He says the fine for doing so is hefty at $213 and three points off your license. The road is only open to local traffic. Olig says there is some work, which will shut down some lanes of the road and drivers who aren’t heeding the closure are creating unsafe situations.