Drivers Reminded to Use Caution in Peak Season for Car/Deer Crashes

Drivers across the state are being encouraged to be especially
alert for the potential of car/deer crashes over the next several weeks. The
Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin State Patrol are
issuing that reminder as we reach the peak time of the year for crashes during October
and November and the “rutting” period when bucks pursue potential mates. Deer
can be seen any time of the day, but are especially active around dusk and

In 2018, law enforcement agencies reported over 20-thousand
car/deer crashes, which resulted in 515 injuries and four fatalities. Fond du
Lac County reported 630 crashes involving a car and a deer last year, which
resulted in six injuries. Dane County had the most crashes last year, with 1,033,
followed by Waukesha County with 891 and Washington County with 816.