Drone Team Set To Fly For FDL County

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is close to launching its new drone team. Lieutenant Nick Kahnke (Kahn-key) is the Drone Team coordinator, and he tells KFIZ News the new six-member team will utilize the new equipment to enhance the services their specialized teams like the SWAT team and accident reconstruction team already provide the community. 

“We can use our drones now as overwatch. We can use our small drone to go inside of homes, which could save officers from getting injured or worse. We can have our drones actually do accident reconstruction now, and collect points in more detail and in quicker time than how we’ve doing it in the past.”

 Kahnke explains the drones can also be used to locate missing people or suspects who may have run away from the scene of a crime, among other uses. The drone team is expected to be fully operational by mid to late December.