Drug Drop Awareness Week – Where to Find Drug Drop Boxes in FDL County

This week is Drug Drop Awareness Week in Fond du Lac
County, to make people aware of the importance of getting rid of unused or
unwanted prescription drugs and where and how to properly dispose of them. Fond
du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says the misuse of prescription
drugs can be the start of a slippery slope to addiction. “Prescription drugs,
the opioids, often lead to an addiction, which can then lead to Heroin use
because its cheaper and surprisingly easier for people to obtain,” Toney said. He
adds that the drug drop boxes are the first step in preventing someone from
developing an addiction. “This is the spot where we can make a difference. When
someone becomes addicted, the treatment options are limited and it becomes a
life-long challenge,” he said. “If we can stop somebody from getting into that
addiction cycle, that’s really the biggest win we’re going to have.”

Fond du Lac County was the first in the state to offer a
drug drop box, with the first one being installed in 2008. The county now
offers 13 drug drop box locations that are available for the public to use.
They are found at police departments around the county, along with one each at
St. Agnes Hospital, Waupun Memorial Hospital and Ripon Medical Center. Hyatt
Pharmacy in Campbellsport and Walgreens at the corner of Johnson Street &
Main Street in Fond du Lac also host drop boxes. For locations, hours and
instructions on how to use the drop boxes, click here.