Dumping Dairy In WI Expected To Continue

Unless the government gets involved, some fear there’s going to be more crying over spilled milk in Wisconsin and other states. Tony Evers wants the federal government to go on a milk-buying binge. 

Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture are asking the  U-S-D-A to buy surplus milk to help farmers who are dumping the excess. A number of farms across Wisconsin started pouring milk down the drain this week. There’s a surplus of milk because of the coronavirus. Governor Evers says Washington should buy the extra milk and give it to food banks or people who get food stamps.


Locally, Grande Cheese announced to their milk suppliers that they were looking for producers to cut their production by up to 20% for the short term. Depending on the region, 30-40% of the usual dairy product market is in the food service industry, which for the most part, is shut down except for drive-thru or pick-up/delivery outlets.