EAA Airventure Comes Out OK After Severe Weather Passes Through

Severe storms that tore through Winnebago County Saturday evening, July 23, 2022 created a few minor problems at the EAA grounds in Oshkosh, but according to Director of Communications Dick Knapinski, reports of damage were minimal.

A press release issued after the storm, stated no injuries were reported on the EAA grounds.

There were reports of some property damage in the campground portion of the grounds from falling branches as well as some aircraft on Boeing Plaza being damaged, but other aircraft parked on the grounds weathered the storm well. A credit Knapinski says goes to aircraft owners for knowing the approaching hazard and securing their airplanes.

The main gate to Airventure was damaged and some smaller exhibit tents were blown over as well.

The National Weather Service has personnel on site for Airventure allowing for early notification of the storm’s path and intensity. With this information, Airventure officials were able to make appropriate announcements of the storm’s arrival.

Airventure officially opens Monday, July 25th and runs for seven days.