EAB Update Given At FDL City Council Meeting

Public Works Director Jordan Skiff Wednesday night gave the City Council an update on the Emerald Ash Borer. Skiff says over the winter 190 ash trees were removed in-house, 95 by contract and they hope to remove another 50 yet this year. He also said 65 residents have expressed an interest in having their ash trees treated, which would cost $7.90 per diameter inch or about $118 for a tree 15 inches in diameter. City Council President Sam Meyer would rather see the trees treated if possible. Skiff said they got encouraging news from Fort Wayne, Indiana which treated 100 percent of its ash trees and 90 percent survived over the next few years including some that were only treated once. Meyer says if the people are interested in having their ash trees treated they should contact the Department of Public Works. Skiff said about $14,000 of the $110,000 included in this year’s EAB efforts in the City will be used to treat about 120 trees in City terraces.