Early Morning Ice Rescue On Beaver Dam Lake

An early morning called from a male that fell through the ice had Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department on the move Tuesday. The call came in at 5:37 a.m. Tuesday (12/22/2020) with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center receiving a 911 open line call. All they could hear was an individual on the line but not communicating and then the call being disconnected.

The dispatchers were able to plot the call to Beaver Dam Lake, west of Sunset Bay Dr. near the Fish Camp boat landing about 200 yards from the shore. Dispatchers attempted to call the phone number back and were unsuccessful. At approximately 05:46 a.m., contact was made and the caller reported that he had fallen through the ice by an ice heave on the lake and was able to get out of the water and was on the ice. Prior to the Beaver Dam Fire Department arriving on the scene, a Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and deployed a drone and was able to make visual contact with the individual. The drone was flown until the individual was rescued from the ice and brought back to shore.

At 06:09 the Beaver Dam Hovercraft was deployed from the shore and at 06:11 the individual was removed from the ice and brought back to shore where he was turned over to the Beaver Dam Fire Department Paramedics who assessed and treated the victim for Hypothermia. The individual refused transport to the hospital and was treated and released.

The Beaver Dam Fire Department was assisted by the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department.